Merchant Services Affiliate Program

Merchant Services Affiliate and Referral Programs

Merchant Services Affiliate benefits

You can earn extra cash by taking advantage of our merchant services marketing partnership and affiliate programs. We offer many different programs tailored to fit your needs and desired involvement. There are no limits to the amount of merchant account referrals you can submit or how much money you can make! Each program below is set up based on your level of involvement. Choose which one best fits your situation, and I will be in contact with you soon.

  • Tools for Success
  • Custom Materials
  • Upfront Bonus Payment
  • Ongoing Residual Commissions
  • Unlimited Earning Potential

Earn up to $2,500 in upfront bonus money for every account you refer to Total Merchant Services. Once you have 10 total active merchants you referred with a merchant account, you also become eligible for a monthly payment for as long as the client retains the merchant service we provide! There are no limits on the referrals you can submit or on the payments you can receive! This is a great program regardless if you work from home or have clients that could benefit from our services!

$50 Flat Per Account
Very Low Involvement

This program is ideal for a person who would want to take a low-level approach to find new clients. If you find a merchant with outdated equipment and provide business details to us, you will get the commissions on the referral. As a result of a sale, you will get a one-time payment of $50 with no ongoing residual income.

$50 Upfront 50% of True-Up Payment with Residuals after 10 Active Accounts
Medium Level of Involvement

This program is ideal for a business that would actively recommend the services I offer to their clients. This option also pays $50 upfront and carries a true-up payment of up to $450 per account based on the account’s profit. Once you have 10 total active accounts, you will earn a fixed amount per account or basis points of the accounts’ monthly sales volume.

Custom Tailored Program
High Level of Involvement

This program is ideal for a business or persons who would actively recommend the services I offer and assist the merchants with setting up the accounts. Payments for this option are determined based on your level of desired involvement. The more involved you are, the more money you will earn with this option.

Want to learn more about our sales partner program?

Suppose you are already working as a sales partner for another processor looking to change sales careers and would like to learn more about how partnering with Total Merchant Services can help you increase your sales. Free equipment and lifetime residuals, along with much more.

No Contracts

Great hardware and software options by Chris Judy of Total Merchant Services, offered along with your no commitment merchant services.

Free Options

Have the best free equipment for your business placed today, along with your low fee and no commitment merchant services account.

One on One Support

One on one support for your merchant account provided by me, Chris Judy, with comprehensive knowledge of the merchant services industry.

Lower Overall Costs

Lower processing costs by being paired to the best new merchant services technologies for your business’s unique situation.