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We’re redefining available features to our clients. We facilitate your business growth by adopting technologies that optimize operations and reduce processing costs. Offering competitive rates and cutting-edge payment tools, we strive to “Unleashing Your Potential.”

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Rate Guarantee

By integrating technologies that streamline operations, we can help your company significantly reduce processing costs – up to 50% in some cases (an average of 16%). Cost reductions can be achieved by minimizing card-not-present transactions, incorporating a point-of-sale accounting and inventory management system, transitioning to a smart terminal, and transmitting level II and III data.

In these challenging times, it’s crucial to find avenues for savings. That’s why we commit to ensuring your credit card processing fees won’t increase, whether you opt for one of our many free credit card terminal options or require a large-scale, complex integration. Recognizing the significance of cost savings, we guarantee competitive rates and fees and are willing to match or surpass rates offered by competitors.

Cash Advance Merchant Services program by Total Merchant Services featuring a child holding cash.

Cash Advance Program

Securing funds for business growth is streamlined with Total Merchant Services. Our merchant cash advance, not a loan but an advance based on future credit card sales, allows a flexible repayment plan. A small percentage of your daily credit card transactions goes towards repaying the advance, providing unimpeded operations. This advance empowers your business growth without the constraints of fixed payments, collateral, bank fees, or rigid credit requirements.

Our merchant cash advance service is a catalyst for business growth. With swift funding in 24 hours, our service eliminates the need for collateral, upfront fees, or interest rates. Uniquely, our service doesn’t affect your credit score and aligns repayment with your business’s success, through a small fraction of daily credit card transactions. This method eases pressure during slower business periods. With no bank fees or collateral required, the funds are yours to use as your business necessitates.

Check processing services by Total Merchant Services with man holding a check.

Check Processing

Our check processing solutions offer a smooth, efficient method for businesses to manage checks, enhancing their time management and profit margins. Our service simplifies the payment system by converting checks into electronic deposits directly into your business account—much like credit card transactions. This way, manual check deposit becomes a thing of the past, accelerating the fund availability while capturing each earned penny.

Our check guarantee feature also delivers an added layer of security, safeguarding businesses from the risk of bounced checks. With our service handling the payment operations, you can concentrate on scaling your business.

Gift Card Processing Services by Total Merchant Services featuring a kid holding a gift card.

Gift Card Processing

Incorporating a gift card strategy into your business model can skyrocket your revenue while building lasting customer relationships. But let’s face it—rolling out a gift card program isn’t a cakewalk for small businesses. That’s where we come in. We offer targeted gift card solutions for small businesses designed to streamline the entire process. Our turnkey platform handles store credits with pinpoint accuracy, minimizes fraud, and features loyalty card tactics to supercharge your sales. Your customers will love returning repeatedly, knowing they’ll receive compelling rewards like exclusive discounts and freebies.

When it comes to gift card services for small business, our robust program gives you options. Choose from standard gift cards to fully customizable designs that reflect your brand. What’s more, our platform excels at gift card processing solutions, melding seamlessly with our existing terminals so you won’t need extra in-store systems. We pair all of this with competitive pricing and automated reporting, making our gift card service a convenient option and revenue-generating powerhouse for your business.

Payments Hub

Our Payments Hub goes beyond just another platform for handling credit card transactions—it’s your centralized payment hub merchant services solution for managing every aspect of your business’s financial operations. It enables quick and secure payment processing and integrates flawlessly with the PayAnywhere suite for unparalleled control over point-of-sale activities, inventory management, and workforce oversight. Consider it your one-stop shop for mastering the complexities of payment processing in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Navigating the Payments Hub is a breeze thanks to its intuitive, user-centric interface. You can monitor processing activities from a unified dashboard, search transaction histories, generate insightful reports, and access important documents. But that’s not all—you can also manage your team and even process payments via our payments hub virtual terminal feature, allowing you to handle transactions wherever you are. We offer added luxuries like recurring invoice management, automatic customer payment systems, and zero-cost shipping for essential products. Couple all this with our iron-clad terminal warranty, and you’ve got a formula for ongoing, smooth operations with zero hiccups.