PayAnywhere Mobile POS Bluetooth Reader

Accepting mobile payments has almost become a way of life for most merchants. By having a reader on hand, you can take a chip card or swipe a magnetic strip reducing the liability you are opened to when writing down cardholder information. This small compact reader is available at no cost, along with your merchant services with Total Merchant Services. You can use it as a stand-alone device on our Pay As You Go service or add it to a traditional account. The device pairs quickly to your phone or tablets Bluetooth, turning your device into a mobile payment platform to get paid for your work. Powered by our PayAnywhere point of sale, you can; track sales, manage inventory, view reports, and much more. The PayAnywhere app can email or text the receipt to the customer; however, it is compatible with external Bluetooth printers if your application needs a paper receipt of the transaction.

The Bluetooth device is a simple, low-cost way to add credit card processing on the go for any sized business owner. The PayAnywhere credit card processing app’s power is available in the app store available to be loaded on any of your own Android or Apple devices. Big merchant services processing and sales activity tracking on a budget with this system.

PayAnywhere Bluetooth Reader

General PayAnywhere Features

  • Email or Text Receipts
  • Tips – Available Tip Line
  • Signatures – Signature Capture On-Screen or Receipt
  • Tickets & Tabs – Open Tickets and Complete When Ready
  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • EDGE Two Price Compatibility
  • Wireless Bluetooth Operation

Payments Hub Features

  • Online Access
  • Process Online Payments
  • Send Itemized Invoices
  • Recurring Payment
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee and User Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Sales, Items, and Customer Tracking

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