Wireless Credit Card Processing – Saving Your Business Money

Want to save your business money? Wireless credit card processing could help! Whether you are running a small flower shop or a large furniture store, you can lower your credit card processing costs by accepting credit cards at the point of sale on deliveries. Many businesses accept credit cards over the phone before going out to drop off their merchandise. When this is done, they will pay much more to process these cards since there is no EMV chip verification. Credit card processing fees could be up to a whole percent or higher than its card-present comparison. Also, by processing your cards with a wireless processing solution, you will reduce your chargeback liability by having a signature on file for the transaction.

How can you reduce cost by implementing a wireless solution in accepting cards when you get your product to the consumer’s front door? To do this, you have two primary options with Total Merchant Services. The preferred option for a small business is to add a Bluetooth device to your existing credit card processing solution. If you intend to process a larger volume of transactions, you would want to consider putting an independent wireless credit card processing terminal.

The PayAnywhere Bluetooth device would connect to your existing smartphone allowing it to process the credit card at the point of delivery. Processing your payment with this option has its drawbacks. Mainly, the mobile device does not have a receipt printer. For some, this may be an advantage; however, many businesses and customers like to receive a receipt for a credit card sale.

As mentioned before, the independent wireless credit card terminal would be a great option for a business that needs a paper receipt and/or has many drivers that handle the credit card processing throughout the day. This method’s main advantage of having its own wireless connectivity to process credit cards live over the wireless network also brings us to its disadvantage, the cost. Since the device has its own wireless service to connect and process the credit cards, it carries a wireless service fee.

Our free terminal placement program offers a Bluetooth reader up to larger POS processing solutions. A Bluetooth reader can be added to any account using credit card processing terminal programs such as our free counter-top credit card terminal. An independent wireless credit card terminal could be added to an existing free terminal program if your credit card processing volume permits.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of adding wireless credit card processing to your existing credit card processing account by utilizing our free credit card terminal programs, feel free to contact me, Chris Judy, at 800.51.TOTAL / 800.518.6825.

Free Wireless Credit Card Processing
PayAnywhere – Offers Bluetooth reader, Smart Terminal, Smart Flex or Smart POS

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