Accept Checks Like A Credit Card

Checks Processing Services

Though many might argue check processing is on its way out—a result of the increasingly plastic world we live in today—checks are still a major form of payment and thus an important part of every business model. This is why we offer check processing as one of our many merchant services so that you can be prepared for anything.

In fact, with our check processing services, we give you the ability to process checks just like you do credit cards—eliminating the trip to the bank and increasing your profitability as well as your efficiency in your workplace. Overall, we aim to please, and with this exceedingly helpful service, we know we can help your business improve; read on for more information concerning our electronic check processing service.

Check Processing Services

Features of our Checks Processing Services

The main aim of our check processing service is to increase the efficiency of your business. Instead of sending checks directly to you, we convert them into an electronic deposit, so payments go right into your checking account, just like your credit card funds. As we said, this eliminates bank runs, increases the speed at which you have the money in your account, and makes sure you are getting every cent that you deserve. And, with our check guarantee feature—just one more reason our electronic check processing service is second to none—you’ll never have to worry if the check you receive is good or even lose a sale because you failed to accept it. We guarantee payment on all checks you process, freeing you up to focus on your growing business. Other advantages include:

Free MagTek Check Imager: In the past, the problem with check processing had to do with most small businesses ’ lack of easy-to-use check processors. Fortunately, with our MagTek Check Imager, electronic check processing has never been easier! Just scan, and your work is done!

Free Credit Card Terminals: Included with our checks on-demand service is our eponymous credit card terminal! This makes it easy for you to not only process checks but credit and debit cards as well, and all at no cost to you!

Complete Lineup of Merchant Services: Whether you need gift cards, cash, or check processing, or almost anything else, Total Merchant Services can provide you with the features you need. As a leading provider of small business solutions, we can give you the services you need to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

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