Groovv mPOS

Key Benefits of Groovv mPOS

Groovv mPOS is an omni-channel, mobile point of sale solution for accepting all payment types. Our handheld EMV/NFC reader has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone for in-person payments. Plus, an online payments portal enables you to email receipts, sync inventory and manage “card not present” transactions.

Never miss a sale whether a customer wants to pay with a swipe or chip card or an NFC mobile wallet like Apple Pay. Take payments on-site, key in phone and mail transactions, and accept payments online. Whether from in-person or online payments, your funds will be deposited quickly. The Groovv handheld reader is EMV- compliant, protecting you from liability for fraudulent transactions. Issue credits, void transactions and manage payments from all sources through one, cloud-based interface. Bill customers and process payments on a scheduled basis through an automated system. Create purchase orders and track your invoices electronically. The Groovv Online Payments portal meets modern data security standards for card not present transactions.

Groovv mPOS is ideal if you:

  • Travel to customer sites
  • Accept in-person, phone and online payments
  • Run an online business with pop-up stores
  • Manage and track inventory
Groovv mPOS - Castles Device

Groovv mPOS Mobile Payments Setup Features

  • Handheld payment device with Bluetooth connection to your mobile device
  • Accept payments anywhere
  • App downloaded from Google Play or iTunes App Store
  • Accepts credit, debit, magnetic stripes, EMV chip cards and NFC payments
  • Email receipts
  • Electronic invoicing and full online payments suite

Groovv mPOS Online Payments Suite

  • Manage transactions through one, cloud-based interface
  • Virtual terminal to process mail and phone payments
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Hosted pay page to request and accept payments online
  • Recurring billing
  • Secure customer card data storage for later payments
  • Inventory syncing, order history reporting
  • Transaction voids/credits/refunds

The Groovv mPOS has been replaced with our PayAnywhere POS.

In working to improve your experience with Total Merchant Services we have discontinued the Groovv mPOS and replaced it with our new updated PayAnywhere POS. The PayAnywhere point of sale is also available at no cost with or without the cash drawer receipt printer combo.

PayAnywhere Point of Sale Smart Terminal, Smart Flex, & Smart POS

Free PayAnywhere POS

Our free PayAnywhere POS is designed for the merchant on the go. More ways to get paid including on the tablet, online, invoicing, and with the app!

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Have the best free equipment for your business placed today, along with your low fee and no commitment merchant services account.

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