Free Groovv Marketing Tool

Total Merchant Services now offers optional Fanminder services free with all new merchant accounts! Fanminder gives you the tools you need to grow your business and create customer loyalty. It integrates mobile, Facebook, Twitter and email marketing into an easy to use online tool. With services from Fanminder, you are able to create coupons that can be redeemed by your customers and tracked from inside your Fanminder interface. If you were to subscribe to Fanminder without the free services offered along with our credit card processing, you would pay around $1,800 a year, including a $30 monthly fee with other expenses. We offer this at no cost along with our low-cost credit card processing services. You can also combine any of our free credit card terminal offers with this service at no additional cost.

Fanminder allows you to get more business into the door and keep your customers coming back to your business, earning you more revenue. It is easy to create a coupon in minutes and send it to your customers. Many merchants only will spend 5 minutes a week in creating a new offer resulting in an 8% increase in top-line revenue for your business. Take a look at a sample coupon that was created for a pizza shop. Text the word “joes pizza” to 244326 and the example pizza shop coupon will be sent to your phone. (This is only a demo so you will not be subscribed to anything.) As you can see on the coupon, there is a green button that instructs the customer to click to redeem the coupon in front of the merchant. Once they do this, it will log the coupon as redeemed in your interface. With all of the templates that are available this coupon only takes minutes to create.

You may already be using some form of marketing that utilizes Facebook or Twitter. In this case, you can add mobile and email marketing. All you have to do once you are set-up is to add you existing customer lists to your Fanminder interface and put up signs that instruct customers in your business to enroll in your loyalty/special offers program. After signing up they will get the initial coupon that you have designed for them. Each offer sent to your customers gives them the option to opt-out of the program if they so desire, however you will find that the reason people sign up is so that they can get the offers and save money. Everyone likes to save money, right?

Fanminder is a wonderful tool, and since Total Merchant Services owns Fanminder, it is offered free to any new set-up of a merchant account.

Fanminder has been discontinued. Feel free to contact me at 800.51.TOTAL / 800.518.6825 to learn about the newest marketing tools available.