Credit Card Merchant Services Cash Advance

Could your business benefit from up to $750,000 in working capital in your account within days? Many merchants are searching for a fast, easy way to get the working capital that they need to make improvements or for any other purpose at their business. One way a merchant can get the cash they need is to get a credit card merchant services cash advance. A cash advance from credit card proceeds isn’t a loan. It is a purchase of future credit card sales in exchange for cash now. Many times this money would be used in a way that would increase sales of the business providing a significant return on investment for the business. A merchant services cash advance is ideal for a business owner who does not want to get a traditional loan using and affecting their credit, their business has not been in existence long or if their current credit situation prohibits them from getting the cash they need now. Getting a merchant services cash advance is fast with the cash you need now in your account within 5 to 10 working days. Since a merchant services cash advance is not a loan there are no fixed payment amounts, you pay the cash back with a small agreed-to percentage of your credit card sales.

What can you use the capital that you get through a cash advance? It can be used for any business expense including building inventory purchasing new equipment, marketing your business, remodeling or expanding your business, opening a new location and more.
Your business could qualify for up to $750,000 in the working capital that it needs with a credit card merchant services cash advance. How much money does your business need? What would your business use the money for? If you would like more information on our merchant services cash advance program Cash-On-Demand, contact me at 1.800.51.TOTAL / 800.518.6825. I would be more than happy to help you determine how much your business qualifies for and help you get the cash you need now with a credit card merchant services cash advice.