COVID-19 Merchant Services Solutions for Successful Merchants

COVID-19 Image

The whole situation got real for me when Friday, March 13th, 2020, the schools announced they were going to close. At that point, I knew that this was going to be a big deal since it takes a lot for schools to close. Now, as a business owner, you are forced to adapt to the situation or be lost in the dust. I have been working with merchants, throughout this pandemic, in helping them solve their unique needs in handling the “new normal” that is coming. A well-prepared merchant will have all the tools he needs along with the best equipment to ensure long term survival. In this post, I will go over the merchant services that are available to help adapt and survive, the COVID-19 crisis.

If you move to a model of curbside pickup, you could employ a Wi-Fi-4G-enabled smart-terminal to handle the transaction. With this situation, you could offer a curbside service with payment. One very adaptable smart-terminal is the PAX A920. This terminal is an android based POS device that includes a chip reader, printer, touchscreen display, and both Wi-Fi and 4G wireless services. This device can run our PayAnywhere POS, where you can have it placed at no cost or with other full-featured POS systems as a peripheral device. This device is ideal for more than mobility. It also supports NFC, or near field communication, for fast touchless transactions reducing the risk of contamination of the terminal. This example applies to a broad range of business models, including retail and restaurant since the PAX A920 is so flexible.  Next, let us take a more specific look at a solution that could help a retail merchant specifically.

In many ways, the retail stores that have survived the internet have either opened an online store or have an advantage that is most likely related to the customer’s experience. Some may have an online store but no way to connect that to a system for pickup. One approach to this problem would be to look for an omnichannel POS system that can connect all your internal and external systems. Some examples of what a retail operation can deploy would be; online orders with curbside pickup, self-ordering kiosks to distance employees from customers, the use of mobile or a device like the A920, and the list is indeed endless. Every situation is different, but the takeaway here is that there are POS systems that are available that can help not only with the COVID situation but with the business’s management ease overall.

The last main area I am going to go over is for restaurants and online ordering systems. Just like POS systems, there are many options when it comes to an online ordering system. Some POS systems have it included, there are third-party systems, and even ones included with websites. If you are a restaurant in this crisis, an online ordering system would be a lifesaver. If the system that is in place now is not performing well, you should look at making an upgrade. Some restaurant merchants choose to use delivery services. If you have your ordering system in place with drivers, you can avoid paying all the fees for the delivery and order processing. Utilizing an omnichannel POS will allow you to see your online orders, phone orders, and in-person take-out. Just like with a POS for retail, the restaurant owner would find by adding an all-encompassing system, and they would save time managing the company.

I have gone over some useful information that can help businesses think of the technologies that can help them during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. The suggestions above are only the very tip of the entirety of what is available when it comes to helping businesses with bettering their systems. To get help finding the best fit for your unique business needs, contact a merchant services professional, like me, today!